Health Care

Developing tomorrow's health care leaders

For decades, 澳门水利博彩官方网站 has prepared students for the ever-evolving health care field, fostering critical thinking, hands-on experience and a commitment to compassionate patient care. Explore our academic opportunities and begin your journey toward becoming a well-rounded and skilled health care professional.

Nursing Programs


澳门水利博彩官方网站 will guide you through rigorous course work, coach you to excel in clinicals and prepare you for a lifetime of leadership as a skilled, compassionate nurse.


In this 12-month online program, students develop expertise in leadership, management of care, evidence-based practice and principles of quality and safety.

Nursing 2+2

For students who have completed their pre-nursing courses, 澳门水利博彩官方网站’s 2+2 program allows them to earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree in 2 years. 

Other Health Care Programs

Kinesiology – Pre-Physical Therapy

This program features a pre-physical therapy track for students who want to examine how the body can function better, which is excellent preparation for a doctoral degree in physical therapy.

Public Health

How can we leverage technology to track disease? How will climate change affect public health? If you want to play an essential role in answering these questions consider a degree in public health.

Pharmaceutical Sciences

This program will allow full-time students to earn a Bachelor of Science degree and a Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) degree in six to seven years. 

Pre-Health Professional Programs

澳门水利博彩官方网站’s pre-health professional programs provide the support and resources you need to get ready for graduate studies in medicine, dentistry or veterinary science.