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历史:  Revised 1997 | 2018 | 2022

相关政策:  Non-歧视 Policy | Anti-报复/Whistleblower Policy

Related Forms, Procedures and References:  偏见事件报告

如有疑问,请联系: Dean of Students Office | 414.382.6118 | FO 119


与偏见有关的事件 - Any 活动 that intimidates, 贬低, 模拟, 降解, 边缘化, 或者根据个人或群体的实际年龄或感知年龄威胁个人或群体, 祖先, 种族, 国家的起源, 能力(物理, 心理, 认知), 性, 性别 identity or expression, citizenship or immigration status, 婚姻状况, 社会经济类, 比赛, 宗教, 宗教活动, 性身份, veteran status or any other basis protected by law. 无论行为是有意的还是无意的,都可能发生与偏见有关的事件, and may or may not be an illegal act. In identifying a bias related incident, the focus is on the impact on an individual or group, not the intention or motivation of the actor. 改编自ACPA和弗吉尼亚理工大学,有两种类型的偏见相关事件:

  1. Contained Bias Related Incident ——评论, 活动, or event that is seen or heard by a few people, may not be a violation of a policy or law, or has no interest from media or larger investigative bodies (examples include one on one meetings or small groups)

  2. Community Bias Related Incident ——评论, 活动, or event that is seen or heard by many, violates policies or laws, 和/或有来自媒体或大型调查机构的兴趣.

报复 - 报复 is any adverse action that a person takes against another person because they filed a complaint about 骚扰 or discrimination. This adverse action or threat of adverse action can deter that person from coming forward to report concerns.

歧视 – According to the Office for Civil Rights, discrimination is conduct that denies any individual or group equal privileges or access to a particular 活动 or opportunity because of the individual’s or group’s actual or perceived age, color, 残疾, 性别, 性别 identity or expression, 遗传信息, 婚姻状况, 军事地位, national or ethnic origin, pregnancy or parenting status, political belief or affiliation, 比赛, 性, 性取向, 资深的地位, or any other basis protected by law.

股本 – The quality of being fair or impartial.

骚扰 -基于个人或群体感知或实际年龄的不受欢迎的行为, 比赛, color, 祖先, 国家的起源, 信仰或宗教, 性, 或者性取向. 恐吓和骚扰可能出现在各种各样的身体或语言行为中, 包括, 但不限于, 以下几点:

  • Physically or mentally abusive behavior towards another; 

  • Racial, ethnic, religious, or 性别-based insults or slurs; 

  • Unwelcome 性ual advances or touching; 

  • Sexual comments, jokes, stories, or innuendos;

  • Requests for 性ual favors as a condition of employment or affecting any personnel decision such as hiring, 促销活动, 补偿, 或转让; 

  • 展示露骨或其他冒犯性的海报、日历、材料或标语; 

  • 用任何带有性别、种族或民族色彩的贬义词称呼其他雇员; 

  • Making 性ual gestures with hands or body movements; 

  • 故意站得离另一名员工太近或与之擦肩而过; 

  • 不恰当地盯着其他员工或触摸他或她的衣服或人; 

  • 询问有关其他员工性行为的私人或冒犯性问题; 

  • 反复约一个表示对你不感兴趣的员工出去; 

  • Using vulgar, obscene, or 进攻 language; 

  • 任何形式的跟踪,包括不受欢迎的重复电话、电子邮件或短信; 

  • Posting comments about another employee on a website, 无论是私人还是公共, that violate this policy (because, 例如, they are 性ually or racially 贬义的 or inappropriate)

仇恨犯罪 -根据威斯康辛咨询委员会提交给美国的报告.S. Commission on Civil Rights, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) defines a hate crime as a “traditional offense like murder, 纵火, or vandalism with an added element of bias. It is a criminal offense against a person or property motivated in whole or in part by an offender’s bias against a 比赛, 宗教, 残疾, 性取向, 种族, 性别, 或者性别认同.” Although hate itself is not criminal, 基于仇恨的犯罪行为构成仇恨犯罪.

包容 –The act of fighting against exclusion and assuring that all support systems are available to those who need such support. 它涉及以有益的方式汇集和利用各种资源. 包容通过创造一个参与的环境,将多样性的概念付诸行动, 尊重, 和连接.

Micro-aggressions – Brief and commonplace verbal, 行为, or environmental indignities, whether intentional or unintentional, 传达敌意, 贬义的, 或者对有色人种或其他边缘群体成员进行负面的种族歧视和侮辱. (Adapted from Derald Sue, Columbia professor). 

负责任的员工 - A person witnessing or experiencing a bias related incident is encouraged to speak to College officials to report the incident. College officials who are perceived to have the authority to take corrective action or to address misconduct on behalf of the College are considered “Responsible Employees.” Most college officials are considered Responsible Employees and should report any incidents to the Dean of Students Office.

社会正义 -社会正义是一个以人权和平等为基础的概念. It can be defined as the way in which human rights are manifested in the everyday lives of people at every level of society. 这包括尊严, economical and social equality, equal distribution of resources, 正义, 政策和法律的使用, societal participation in change, 个人责任, and creating access to opportunity and chance through action. 


阿尔弗诺学院不断努力提供一个没有歧视的环境, 骚扰, 和不容忍. This response protocol for bias related incidents should be viewed as part of a larger effort to create an inclusive living, 学习, 工作环境. 预防比应对更可取,但我们知道,我们代表预防的工作正在进行中. 与偏见有关的事件时有发生,应该得到负责任的关注,并有明确的沟通方式. 目标是促进更多的对话和倾听,并从一种恢复的方式工作.

When bias related incidents occur, they may not necessarily rise to the level of a crime, 违反州法律, 大学政策, or the student code of conduct. 然而,偏见行为可能会造成消极、敌对或不受欢迎的环境. Creating dialogue opportunities and protocol for all levels of bias to be addressed can help reduce the impact of micro-aggressions, those seemingly smaller acts of bias that accumulate over time and can create a chilling or hostile effect for others. When acts of bias occur on 澳门水利博彩官方网站大学’s campus, we have responsibility as community members to come together in our shared values and mission to denounce such acts. 本协议旨在解决发生在阿尔弗诺学院社区内的事件. 


This protocol recognizes that freedom of expression in the context of our 学习 environment is protected, while offering a channel for responding to ignorance and bias that work against the mission of 澳门水利博彩官方网站大学. This may produce tensions between individuals whose ideas and speech may be considered controversial, 进攻, 或有异议的, 这可能导致言论自由和偏见行为之间的界限模糊. 偏见行为, 无论是否有意, 威胁破坏个人或团体参与思想和观点的自由交流. Providing a clear avenue by which suspected acts of bias can be reported aligns with 澳门水利博彩官方网站大学’s commitment to freedom of expression and to our mission of teaching and 学习.


阿尔弗诺学院敦促所有社区成员报告任何与偏见有关的事件. There are several ways to address and report an incident:

  • 寻求校园支持-鼓励学生向学院官员报告偏见事件.g. 学院院长、管理人员、校园安全、人力资源).

  • Seek confidential support – To be assured the report will remain confidential, consult with one of 澳门水利博彩官方网站’s Counselors, Coordinator of Health Services or the 校园 Minister.  Each will offer confidential resources and options.  These individuals are not required to tell anyone else private, personally identifiable information unless there is reason to fear for the safety of the victim or other community members.  

  • File an online, confidential, anonymous report - 偏见事件报告 澳门水利博彩官方网站大学 accepts and investigates all allegations of improper 活动 by 澳门水利博彩官方网站 employees and students.  

  • File a complaint with the college - Students who believe they have been subjected to incidents of bias are encouraged to file a report with Dean of Students Office staff. 报告 means that only people who need to know will be told and information will only be shared as necessary with investigators, 目击者, 提倡, and the accused individual(s).  You can file a complaint in any one of the following ways:  

    • 您可以通过电子邮件deanofstudents@alverno向学生办公室主任提交电子邮件.edu.

    • 你可以打电话给学生办公室提交一份电话报告 414-382-6118 during business hours. 如果您选择留言,他会尽快给您回电话. 你也可以拨打校园安全热线414-382-6158(非紧急)或414-382-6911(紧急).

If you are a victim of a bias-related incident, or if you witness a bias-related incident, 请尽你所能做以下的事情来记录事件.

  • 如果你遇到了书面诽谤或发现涂鸦,不要擦掉文字. 校园安全 will need to see it.

  • If you have a camera or cell phone camera, take a picture of the graffiti, 车牌, or anything else relevant.

  • 如果事件是口头的,立即根据你的记忆写下所说的话. 


When a person reports an act of bias to any campus office, the incident will be shared with the Dean of Students 或被任命者 and the Bias Incident 响应 Team Co-Coordinator.  如果投诉发生在校外(实习、临床、现场经验等).), the program director will be contacted. 伪造, 失真, or misrepresentation of information during the course of a complaint resolution process may be grounds for disciplinary action. After the incident is reported:

  • The Dean of Students 或被任命者 will review the complaint and appoint an Investigator and Bias Incident Coordinator. 

  • 在调查结果出来之前,可以采取临时措施. 

  • Both (all) parties are assigned a designated support person to guide them through the complaint process.  Either party may refuse the assistance of a support person.

  • 投诉的事实根据投诉人的陈述进行调查, 被申请人, 有目击者吗?. 

  • The summary of the investigation is submitted to the Bias Incident Coordinator who will review the information and determine appropriate next steps. 

Our response to bias related incidents will generally involve an educational process focused on understanding what harms may have been done and why, 谁受到了影响, and how the harm can be repaired. Where possible and with the agreement of all involved parties, 将利用恢复性做法作为框架,赋予那些直接受影响的人权力. 

无论该行为是否违反政策或被告的意图是恶意的, 及时对经历过偏见的人作出回应是很重要的, 关爱的方式. All parties involved in a bias-related incident will be treated with 尊重 and a sincere willingness to hear their perspectives.

每一个与偏见有关的事件都有一个独特的背景,需要考虑. The nature and impact of the incident, the desire of the person or persons reporting the incident, 在考虑应对措施时,对社区的影响都是应该考虑的因素. Regardless of the type of bias related incident, 将对当前关注的问题作出及时和透明的反应. 

Examples of responses could include, but are not limited to:

  • A facilitated conversation between involved parties

  • Restorative circles – Several members of the 澳门水利博彩官方网站大学 staff are trained as facilitators for restorative circles. 这些人可能会被带去与受事件影响的人一起工作.

  • 政策或程序的改变-取决于事件的性质, a change in policy or procedure may be warranted. 如有任何变动,将谘询受事件影响的人士.

  • Educational programs - Bias related incidents may indicate a need for education in our community in order to remedy harm done, and to provide opportunities for reflection and growth.  Such educational efforts are not part of the investigation process and are not intended to be punitive. Appropriate staff and faculty will work with students to plan timely educational opportunities that are reflective of diverse 学习 styles and address relevant issues from multiple perspectives.

  • Consultation with outside organizations.


任何举报与偏见有关事件的人都可以要求保密. In the event of such a request, 将采取合理的步骤来审查该事件并作出符合此要求的回应. Limits to the review or response based on this request should be discussed throughout the process with all individuals involved.


  • 校园部长: FO 259; 414.382.6352

  • 校园安全: FO 254; security@walshprints.com; 414.382.6911 or 414.382.6158

  • 咨询 & 卫生服务: AF 208; 414.382.6119 or 414.382.6319

  • 学生办公室主任: FO 119; 414.382.6118

Off 校园 (Milwaukee) 资源

  • 康复中心 (414) 671-4325个人咨询,宣传和支持团体

  • Milwaukee LGBT Community Center (414) 271-2656 includes outreach to LGBT youth, 成年人, 和他们的盟友, and a mental health clinic for confidential outpatient care

  • Milwaukee Police Department 第6区(414)933-4444,澳门水利博彩官方网站所在地区的警官

  • Zeidler集团 – (414) 239-8555, 631 N. 19日圣., Milwaukee, WI 53233 – http://www.zeidlergroup.org/